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Announcing the SocialWayne iPhone app with QR Code Reader & Group Chat. Plus QR Code Contest

The QR Code Reader and Group Chat iPhone App for Everyone!

social wayne iphone app

As some of you know I’m a huge QR Code fanboy and today I’m excited to announce the new SocialWayne community iPhone app with QR Code Reader, group chat and mobile contest with over $1,000 in prizes from companies such as Mophie, Trackur,Tappinn and more! Just download, scan the QR Code on and chat to win!

The new iPhone app bridges mobile, social, online and offline communities to provide a new way of mobile engagement. Other features of the app include listings of upcoming web/tech events and the ability to update your Facebook and Twitter via the mobile web.

Key app features:

  • Fast QR Code Reader
  • Real-Time Group Chat
  • Web/Tech Events Listings
  • Social Media Updates
  • updates

QR Code Mobile App Contest
To celebrate the launch of the app, I’ve  partnered with friends and companies such as Mophie, Tappinn, Andy Beal’s Trackur, Brand Camp University, Tantrum Apps and more to offer over $1,000 in prizes. To win, use the SocialWayne iPhone app, scan the contest QR Code for the day on and use the group chat feature.

The contest is designed to demonstrate how to use QR Codes and group chat feature and what can be built on the TriOut platform. The contest starts Wednesday April 20, at 11:30 a.m., EST and runs for seven days Monday through Friday. Here’s a full list of contest partners and prizes:

Day 1: Free Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 4 iPhone App Contest

Day 2: One Brand Camp University Conference NYC Free Pass iPhone App Contest

Day 3: A copy of the Enterprise Social Media Strategy book iPhone App Contest

Day 4: Six months free Tappinn QR Code Marketing Platform iPhone App Contest

Day 5: A six month free Trackur plus account iPhone App Contest

Day 6: Five free Tantrum iPhone & iPads Apps for kids iPhone App Contest

Day 7: A copy of the Social Location Marketing book iPhone App Contest

Powered by TriOut
The SocialWayne iPhone app is build on the TriOut platform. TriOut builds mobile community applications for individuals, businesses, conferences and educational institutions.

More information about the SocialWayne iPhone app:

Screenshots and features list

Download the App from iTunes

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Let me know what you think about the new app in the comments. If you always wanted your own iPhone app for yourself or business email me!

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