What’s new with TriOut and the Robert Scoble SXSW video interview with a sneak peak at TriOut v3

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How time flies in the location space. Just one year ago, Lawrence Ingram and myself held a TriOut launch party at the Research Triangle Park HQ and launched TriOutNC.com. At the launch party we announced our first hyper local check in deals contest. Since then a lot has changed. TriOut has added a sales manager Gregg Morris and anther iPhone developer, Josh Johnson.

Over the past year, team TriOut had an amazing opportunity to participate at various location based conference such as geom with some of the other location-based services like foursquare, [...]

Facebook Movie: The Social Network Poster: You don’t get to 500 Million Friends without making a few enemies…

"The Social Network Movie" is set to be released in movie theaters on October 1 2010. The movie is about Mark Zuckerberg and the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook. Today Columbia Pictures released a movie poster showing Jesse Eisenberg face who's playing the role of Mark Zuckerberg with the words "You don't get to 500 Million Friends without making a few enemies".

It's an interesting choice of words to use for marketing the movie with the recent bad PR and Facebook policy concerns. I wonder if they would have used the same words three months ago. Regardless I'm excited [...]

Location Based Poll: What is your favorite Location based social network/app?

We're only 14 days into 2010 and if there was one social media / technology prediction that everyone have been accurate about so far, it is that location based apps will be the next big thing. Now with 15 plus location social networks available many have already deemed Foursquare the clear leader, and if you look at the compete website numbers you'll see why. After purchasing foursquare.com around August, their website numbers have passed some of the early location based social networks in just two months by more than double.

I don't have all the data on how many users each location based [...]

Pitch: Simler.com opens new social community focused on similar interests

The Pitch
Simler.com, a new online community built to connect people with common interests, announces the public beta launch of its service (http://simler.com). Unlike other social networks, which essentially see viewers connecting with the same people from site to site, regardless of their personal connections, Simler is focused on finding similar people through similar interests. Upon signing up, a new user "tags himself/herself" with relevant attributes that describe him/her, and Simler uses these "tags" in order to connect people with similar interests.

Discussion in Simler is used to [...]

Music sharing with Grooveshark, iPhone media sharing & who’s going to see Hangover or Pelham 123? – episode 051

Today on Talk Social News, Kipp and Wayne talk Music sharing with Grooveshark, iPhone media sharing rumors & who's going to see Hangover or Pelham 123?

The Video:

The podcast:
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Poll: Help pick my video intro & why I use Vimeo

If you have seen any of my videos on WayneSutton.TV then you know they’re live shows via Ustream.TV and not pre-recorded. We’ll starting after Christmas I’ll be producing a few non live videos for the site and I’m working on a video intro, outro and intro music too. Below are two samples of the intro and I’m looking for your feedback.

The first video is a fade in single word text with a swipe animation, it’s around 14 seconds long. The second video has a fade in to stick text animation that’s 6 seconds long.

Update: The two videos below do not have any audio. thanks via [...]