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Poll: Help pick my video intro & why I use Vimeo

If you have seen any of my videos on WayneSutton.TV then you know they’re live shows via Ustream.TV and not pre-recorded. We’ll starting after Christmas I’ll be producing a few non live videos for the site and I’m working on a video intro, outro and intro music too. Below are two samples of the intro and I’m looking for your feedback.

The first video is a fade in single word text with a swipe animation, it’s around 14 seconds long. The second video has a fade in to stick text animation that’s 6 seconds long.

Update: The two videos below do not have any audio. thanks via @barrycunningham

Vote in the poll or leave any feedback/suggestions in the comments. If anyone wants to help with the video intro, including audio or special effects feel free to contact me.

intro 1

WayneSutton.TV video intro sample 1 from Wayne Sutton on Vimeo.

intro 2

WayneSutton.TV video intro sample 2 from Wayne Sutton on Vimeo.

The Poll

Speaking of Vimeo if you’re a current user, you can add me as a friend here: Also I just create a WayneSutton.TV video channel on Vimeo here:

A few people have asked me on twitter why do I use Vimeo over Youtube or other video hosting social networks, a few of the reason are below.

@wetherhaven on twitter
  • I love Vimeo’s embed player, it’s clean, simple, flush with the page
  • Vimeo was one of the 1st video social networks to support HD video uploads
  • Vimeo has HD video embedding options
  • Vimeo is simple, it’s easy to upload videos
  • Vimeo has multiple community building options: channel, groups, albums
  • I like Vimeo’s video options to embed custom upload thumbnail, add flickr photos, etc
  • Vimeo Plus options are great and worth the $59.00 a year

But there are a few features I don’t like about Vimeo or I wish they had such as:

  • Video encoding is slow if you don’t have a plus account (I’m a plus user) & it still can be faster.
  • Vimeo doesn’t support video comment insertion like Viddler
  • You can’t link to a time spot in Vimeo like you can with Youtube
  • More options for image/logo overlay
  • The ability to support pre-roll video ads

If Vimeo would add or work on those features, they’ll be almost perfect. IMOH

Which Video social networking site do you use and why?

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