How and Why I built “Anonymously Ask A Black Person” SMS platform that reached almost 10,000 page views & removed from Product Hunt in 48 hours with Twilio

UPDATE #3: We're back online at - Read why and how here: Anonymously Ask A Black Person via SMS (ABP) is Back Online – Team, Goals, Features and Task List

UPDATE #2: Several people have agreed to help keep "Anonymously Ask A Black Person” going. Stay tuned!

If you are interested fill out the form here -> Get Involved

About two months ago I saw a site called “Stanford Nerd” on Product Hunt. Stanford Nerd works by sending a text message from the website to a Stanford student and a Stanford student replies back to your questions.

Presentation: Location Based Marketing in 2010

Today I spoke at the Triangle AMA Social Media Boot Camp about location based marketing. Below is my presentation which includes a definition of what I believe location based marketing is/should be. Take a look below.

Location based marketing is the interaction with customers by their location offering value based opportunities to increases customer loyalty and social sharing in which you can measure.

What are your thoughts on location based marketing?

What makes a successful twitter iPhone app? A tweetie screencast video review. My 5th most asked question: What twitter app do I use on my iPhone?

If you've visit my F.A.Q section then yes I skipped #3 or #4 but I'll get to those later but #3 will be how I got so many twitter followers and #4 will be who created my twitter background and the history of twitter backgrounds. Keeping with the twitter theme here my 5th most asked question is "what twitter iPhone app do I use on my iPhone.

Before tweetie was released I was using the iPhone web app Hahlo mainly because the amount of people I'm following on twitter and the other iPhone applications were hanging on loading my twitter public stream and my replies. Then a few weeks ago my [...]