Presentation: Beyond The Business Case For Diversity and Inclusion In Tech

Tech companies released their diversity and inclusion data in 2014 that lead to the national awareness of the lack of inclusion in the workforce that has stifled innovation. Research after research continues to show that businesses with diverse leadership and employees outperform companies that are homogeneous yet many executives question the value of diversity.

Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends

The latest edition of the annual Internet Trends report finds continued robust online growth. There are now 2.4 billion Internet users around the world, and the total continues to grow apace. Mobile usage is expanding rapidly, while the mobile advertising opportunity remains largely untapped. The report reviews the shifting online landscape, which has become more social and content rich, with expanded use of photos, video and audio. Looking ahead, the report finds early signs of growth for wearable computing devices, [...]

Presentation: Location Based Marketing in 2010

Today I spoke at the Triangle AMA Social Media Boot Camp about location based marketing. Below is my presentation which includes a definition of what I believe location based marketing is/should be. Take a look below.

Location based marketing is the interaction with customers by their location offering value based opportunities to increases customer loyalty and social sharing in which you can measure.

What are your thoughts on location based marketing?

SXSW Presentation: Becoming Real-Time Video Blogger in 2010 – Future15 Session

I'm still playing catch-up from SXSWi but I wanted to share the presentation from the Future15 Becoming Real-Time Video Blogger in 2010 session I presented at SXSW. The Future15 sessions were new to SXSWi this year allowing for more speakers to participate in a 2 hour time block on a niche topic with each speaker having 15 minutes to present. I like to call it a mix of "ignite" like talks meets SXSW. Take a look at the presentation below and let me know what you think. It's currently being featured on Slideshare's Spotlight: South by SouthWest SXSW 2010 section today too.

How Vampires use Social Media. Presentation

Vampires over the years have transformed from creatures of the night to day walkers with powers that mortals dream of having. Although they seem soulless with very few weaknesses, when it comes to the internet you often don't make the assumption that Vampires are tech savvy but today they are. In today's time, Vampires are not only geeks but they use social media like any brand or agency. You wonder how? Click through the slides below to find out how Vampires use social media.

PS: Yes I've seen TwilightNew Moon :)