How Apple could disrupt the QR Code Reader App business and make QR Codes main stream in iOS5

When it comes to the QR Code marketing / implementation business one question I often would get is what is the best QR Code reader for xyz smartphone. That would include blackberry and nokia smartphones that come with a built in QR Code Reader/Scanner. But for the iPhone, Android and windows mobile smartphones you would have to search the various App stores for QR Code Reader or QR Code Scanner, read the reviews and try out the growing list of QR Code reader apps that for the most part does the exact same thing with the exception of a few security features or a faster reader.

With the [...]

Victoria’s Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone

I almost called this post Victoria's Secret brings sexy back to QR Codes but QR Codes were never sexy so that would be a lie. Instead I went with "Victoria's Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone". What do I mean? Just take a look at the photos below from Victoria's Secret new "Sexier Than Skin" ad campaign.

You may not be exactly undressing a women but the QR Code is placed in the right position covering up parts the models body that you can only see after you scan the QR Code. It's cleaver in terms of finding a way to use QR Codes / sex sells QR Code [...]

7 recent QR Code marketing examples by major brands, music artist and publications

Sometimes I just chuckle and just shake my head when I see tweets or hear complaints and rants about how QR Codes suck, or don't use QR Codes for this or that and my personal favorite, NFC is better than QR Codes, especially when it comes from "thought leaders" or a super savvy "social media guys/gals". I chuckle because there's a huge educational curve for QR Codes to go main stream in the USA but they have taken off and proven valuable as when have seen over the years in Japan/China with all of their smart technology. Personally I think the biggest problem for some marketers is that no one [...]

Why the Charlie Sheen designer QR Code is not #Winning but how I plan to give it some Tiger Blood

It looks like the one and only Charlie Sheen has a new designer QR Code to go along with his social media brand power.  The QR Code looks cool right? A nice black and white Charlie Sheen head in the middle to match the rest of the QR Code,  plus some simple blue gradient background and outline to make QR Code stand out. The QR Code was designed by Set Japan.

Set Japan have designed a QR Code for Charlie Sheen (image below). The QR Code resolves to the official Charlie Sheen website and it will be interesting to see what he makes of it. Hat-tip: Charlie Sheen Gets a Designer QR Code [...]

Use QR Codes to create a mobile vCards and websites with Tappinn

I first came across Nick Ford Co-founder of Tappinn earlier this year after a few conversations with Robert Rice of Neogence. Robert and I were having coffee as he continues to work on his augmented reality startup. After the meeting with Robert I started to do a lot of research on QR Codes use in the United States and Tappinn case studies kept show up. Primarily it was Tappinn's work with TAG Heuer the makers of swiss watches. Of course that lead me to following Nick Ford on Twitter and subscribing to Tappin's QR Anywhere blog.

Nick's tagline on the QR Anywhere blog reads "Captain of [...]

The best iPhone QR Code Reader Application is?

While looking at my analytics I notice a lot of people searching for the best iPhone QR Code Reader Application or one of the following QR iPhone app related terms:

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Although I'm a little biased when it comes to what iPhone QR Code Reader to use as I would love for everyone to use TriOut to scan QR Codes but it's a little more than just a QR Code Reader app. With that being said, in my opinion, the best iPhone QR Code application or apps is a close race [...]