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Victoria’s Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone

I almost called this post Victoria’s Secret brings sexy back to QR Codes but QR Codes were never sexy so that would be a lie. Instead I went with “Victoria’s Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone”. What do I mean? Just take a look at the photos below from Victoria’s Secret new “Sexier Than Skin” ad campaign.

Victoria's Secret Sexier Than Skin QR Code

You may not be exactly undressing a women but the QR Code is placed in the right position covering up parts the models body that you can only see after you scan the QR Code. It’s cleaver in terms of finding a way to use QR Codes / sex sells QR Code marketing campaign by Victoria’s Secret. Outside of that, I’m not sure how many people would actually want to be seen stopping and scanning the QR Codes in public unless they just didn’t care. I could see this used in print ads with a higher QR Code scan rate.

Victoria's Secret Sexier Than Skin QR Code

I bet Calvin Klein is somewhere thinking why didn’t they think of this earlier this year when they replace an sexy ad billboard with just a QR Code.

calvein klein qr code sexy

Would you scan the QR Code from Victoria’s Secret “Sexier Than Skin” ad campaign if you were walking down the street?

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