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Use QR Codes to create a mobile vCards and websites with Tappinn

Wayne Sutton QR Code by Tappinn

I first came across Nick Ford Co-founder of Tappinn earlier this year after a few conversations with Robert Rice of Neogence. Robert and I were having coffee as he continues to work on his augmented reality startup. After the meeting with Robert I started to do a lot of research on QR Codes use in the United States and Tappinn case studies kept show up. Primarily it was Tappinn’s work with TAG Heuer the makers of swiss watches. Of course that lead me to following Nick Ford on Twitter and subscribing to Tappin’s QR Anywhere blog.

Nick’s tagline on the QR Anywhere blog reads “Captain of the QR Code galaxy” and he’s not lying. If you read his blog you’ll find out that he’s been waiting for QR Codes to take off in the USA for a while and he has Tappinn in prime position to be a leader in the space. In the past few months his clients have been featured in WIRED Magazine, USA Today and he even scored the first ever QR Code on a NASCAR car with Danica Patrick.

Nick and I exchanged a few tweets after seeing my excitement for QR Codes and working with TriOut. With TriOut we built a QR Code reader into the app to allow business to create quick check-in QR codes. A TriOut QR Code will allow users to check-in with Facebook, Foursquare, and Gowalla at one time.

Nick created the QR Code you see at the top of the this post and on my sidebar with the Tappinn platform.

Tappinn is the world’s first mobile “smart site” mobile tagging platform. With Tappinn, anyone can design and build vibrant mobile web sites

. After scanning the QR Code it will take you to my Tappinn mobile vcard and website as you can see below. On the back end of the Tappinn platform I’m able to see how many times the QR Code have been scanned, the location of where the person is after they scanned the QR Code and more. It’s create for business cards, T-shirts, conference badges, websites and more. Thanks Nick! As in a few of my previous blog post about QR Code analytics platforms here and here Tappinn is one of the best.

Mobile vcard profile by tappinn after scanning QR code

Disclaimer: Tappin provided me with a free QR Code analytics account. Still this is not a sponsored post but if you’re interested in a sponsored post contact me.

What QR Code generator platform do you use to create vCards and/or mobile websites?


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