Cleveland responds! LeBron James Nike Rise Commercial vs Cleveland’s What should you do Response

Cleveland responds in a big way. Is LeBron James a quitter, traitor or a backstabber ? Did LeBron James quit in game five while playing Boston in the NBA playoffs last year? Some members of Cleveland, Ohio thinks so with their new quitness response video released today.

Just when you thought that maybe that the city of Cleveland has moved on after LeBron James decided to host the decision show and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat a new YouTube video shows they're still upset. This comes after LeBron's Nike Rise Commercial and during a recent interview where King James said [...]

LeBron James joins Twitter but skips social media to make his decision announcement for ESPN

Yes another LeBron James twitter decision post but I’ll promise to keep it short. Over the weekend I wrote a post about how the Tornoto Raptors @Raptors were upset about some of @ChrisBosh tweets and how it could cost him millions. In the post I also stated how it would be nice if LeBron James joined @Twitter and tweeted his decision announcement instead of a traditional TV/media press event.

Well fast forward two days and LeBron James has officially joined Twitter as @KingJames thanks to his friend Chris Paul who tweets as @oneandonlycp3. I was a little surprised and was hopefully [...]

NBA players & Twitter; Entertaining, inside news but will Chris Bosh tweets cost him millions?

Finally back in my environment. #freeagency has been a whirlwind. This decision is not going to be easy...Sat Jul 03 22:37:21 via UberTwitter

When working with businesses and startups using twitter/social media, I often mention to be careful what you say using these mediums. With just one slip of the keyboard or a bad day it could cost you your job or a client or create a real [...]

Casual Friday: Star Trek review, NBA Playoffs and the future of News will not be paid content. – episode 32

It's casual Friday on Talk Social News, Kipp and Wayne talk about the future the news paid content, Star Trek and the NBA playoffs.... Amazing - episode 032

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Talk Social News daily 004: Gmail & Google news coming today? Microsoft’s Lauren vs Apple’s Mitch, Palm Pre release date, Mark Cuban & NCAA tweets fail

Talk Social News daily 004: gmail turns 5, big news from google today? Microsoft commercial upset Apple fanboys, Palm Pre coming April 30th? NCAA tweets fail, Mark Cuban tweets are fined and more T-Shirt swag.

Today on Talk Social News we cover:

Gmail turns five and will we see the Gmail iPhone app released today from Google? Story
Laurn vs Mitch: the new Microsoft commercial upsets Apple fanboys. Why you can't buy a 17 inch MacBook from Apple. Story
Palm Pre coming April 30th? Story
NCAA tweets fail
Mark Cuban ( @mcuban )is fined by the NBA for his tweets about the game. Story
T-shirt [...]