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Cleveland responds! LeBron James Nike Rise Commercial vs Cleveland’s What should you do Response

Cleveland responds in a big way. Is LeBron James a quitter, traitor or a backstabber ? Did LeBron James quit in game five while playing Boston in the NBA playoffs last year? Some members of Cleveland, Ohio thinks so with their new quitness response video released today.

Just when you thought that maybe that the city of Cleveland has moved on after LeBron James decided to host the decision show and leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat a new YouTube video shows they’re still upset. This comes after LeBron’s Nike Rise Commercial and during a recent interview where King James said he would do things a little different if could do it all over again. Maybe it’s the Cleveland Cavaliers 1-3 start or it’s just the Nike Rise commercial where LeBron James is asking the question “What should I do?” But in the response video called Lebron James “Rise” Commercial & Cleveland’s Response a few Cleveland residents has some answers to LeBron question and to what he should have done.

The video is a mashup of the Nike Rise commercial with some very harsh words for LeBron calling him a quitter, traitor and a back stabber, ending with a quitness upside down Nike Logo and the statement playing from LeBron saying that his goal was to bring a NBA championship to Cleveland. All I have to say is Ouch! You can watch both videos below.

Lebron James “Rise” Commercial & Cleveland’s Response

LeBron James Nike Rise Commercial

YouTube just gave the city of Cleveland and old fans a voice. Now, what should LeBron James do?

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