Why is Google making iPhone users feel left out?

Well, another day, another Google announcement. Last week it was all about the Chrome OS and yesterday it was Google calendar labs along with Google Task. Today Google announces Google Voice Apps for Android and Blackberry.

I'm not surprised by any of the moves that Google have been making lately but not having a few well desired apps for the iPhone already released is kinda starting to bother me. By the way, I thought Google had a partnership with Apple and not RIM/Blackberry anyway. So why the rant? Let's take a look at three native apps or features I'm waiting in Google to release for [...]

5 iPhone 3Gs video tripod options for mobile videographers & better mobile video recording

As the popularity of the iPhone 3Gs grows so seems the amount of mobile video recording and creative ways to use the iPhone 3Gs as a serious video recording device. Since the launch of the iPhone 3Gs YouTube has seen a 1700% increase in mobile video uploads and at lease two music videos (Reyna Perez and Kenny Mosher ) have been produced using just the iPhone. Also we have seen a few custom made iPhone 3Gs shoulder mounts and other handheld devices being made for the up and coming iPhone 3Gs mobile video producer. Let's take a look at 5 various iPhone 3Gs video devices to help you record [...]

Talk Social News Episode 4: Kipp and Wayne Talk With A Co-Founder of Qik.com About The Future of Mobile Video

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 4 - length 30:19 download or click to play:
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This week on Talk Social News Podcast

On this week’s episode of Talk Social News, Kipp and Wayne sit down with Bhaskar Roy one of the co-founders of qik.com to discuss the future of mobile video and outline the business models for mobile video streaming services.

Here's a demo of Qik.com mobile live streaming service using a Noika N95. Kipp & Wayne along with other @TriangleTweetup friends go-kart racing.



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