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Talk Social News Episode 4: Kipp and Wayne Talk With A Co-Founder of About The Future of Mobile Video

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 4 – length 30:19 download or click to play:
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This week on Talk Social News Podcast

QIK | Streaming video right from your phone

On this week’s episode of Talk Social News, Kipp and Wayne sit down with Bhaskar Roy one of the co-founders of to discuss the future of mobile video and outline the business models for mobile video streaming services.

Here’s a demo of mobile live streaming service using a Noika N95. Kipp & Wayne along with other @TriangleTweetup friends go-kart racing.



Tweet Grid

The what the blog segment of the podcast we discussed @JazzyChad newest project TweetGrid – TweetGrid is described as the ultimate Twitter Search Powertool says @JazzyChad.




On the call out also known as the fail segment of the podcast we had a conversation about Podcaster, one of the now few iPhone apps that Apple has denied & rejected into iTunes App Store. You can read more about Podcaster here: or @iPhonePodcaster on twitter

For the @TalkSocialNews on twitter Q&A segmanet we did our best to answer @Solacetch on question where he asked us on twitter:


talksocialnews - Twitter Search


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