Presentation: Building a personal brand with social media 101 & AMA West Coast videos

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to speak at the Triangle Chapter of the American Marketing Association luncheon with with Jim Tobin and Chuck Hester on Building Your Personal Brand Through Social Media. I only had about 5 minutes for an intro conversation on the topic before we went into a panel discussion and Q&A. Below are my keynote slides and notes.

A few points I tried to emphasize in a limited time were.

  • Everyone has an online Identity
  • It's up to You (the individual) to manage your identity
  • [...]

Writing & finding good original content but is it for Google or Twitter? – episode #014

Our good friend Louis Gray wrote a blog post over the weekend called "Are You Writing Your Headlines for Google or for Twitter?" On today's show Kipp and Wayne discuss Louis's post, finding good "ORIGINAL" content, creating a network for traffic and who are you writing for; (google or twitter) .

A big thanks to NetSpary for the T-shirt.

The Video:

The podcast:
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Talk Social News Episode 7: Louis Gray is Social Media, plus the Return of Innovation, Startup Advice and WallStreet

This week on Talk Social News Kipp and Wayne interview Louis Gray author of Louis has been handed the blogging keys by Jason Calacanis and some have asked is he the next Robert Scoble. I say he is Louis Gray, the father of twins, marketing specialists, blogger of Silicon Valley, adviser of ReadBurner and one of the smartest guys in Social Media today. Even if you're just interested in blogging or you wonder how someone like Louis processes and gathers information you'll enjoy this podcast. But don’t take my word for it, download and listen to the podcast yourself.

The [...]