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Talk Social News Episode 7: Louis Gray is Social Media, plus the Return of Innovation, Startup Advice and WallStreet

louisgray: Silicon Valley Blog: About Page

This week on Talk Social News Kipp and Wayne interview Louis Gray author of Louis has been handed the blogging keys by Jason Calacanis and some have asked is he the next Robert Scoble. I say he is Louis Gray, the father of twins, marketing specialists, blogger of Silicon Valley, adviser of ReadBurner and one of the smartest guys in Social Media today. Even if you’re just interested in blogging or you wonder how someone like Louis processes and gathers information you’ll enjoy this podcast. But don’t take my word for it, download and listen to the podcast yourself.

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 7 – length 51:01 download or click to play:
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After you listen to the podcast, now I can say I told you so, here are a few of the links that Louis referenced:

March 3, 2007
10 Suggestions to Improve Google Reader

January 7, 2008
ReadBurner, In Stealth Mode, Looking to Sort Shared Feed Items

April 8, 2008
Former Jobster CEO’s Social|Median Incubating in Alpha

April 7, 2008
BlogRize Builds A Community Around Your Blog and its Readers

June 16, 2008
Feedly Brings New Social Experience to Start Page, Leveraging RSS

For our “What the Blog” section of the podcast, Kipp reviews the return of innovation conversations surrounding the state of the economy and how we’ll see more useful startups in the next six months.

The “Fail” of the week is Wall Street. With tech stocks failing this week such as Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) times are looking rough but we take a look at what Silicon Alley Insider says: Don’t Panic – Profit.

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