Guest Post – 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Live Chat

About Guest Author: Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics such as voip phone systems and telemarketing to small businesses and entrepreneurs for Resource Nation.

From smartphones and tablets to social media and comment forums, people have learned to chat in every way possible. People love to stay connected and stay busy, so chatting during downtime seems to be the perfect solution. For this reason, chatting is becoming more and more high tech. So what does this mean for your business?

This means that your business should be utilizing live chat on its website. Consider some of the [...]

@iamDiddy says, take that to mogulus and the twitter nation

The King of Bad Boy & MTV 's Making the Band super producer Sean aka Diddy Combs is officially taking over or at least trying to take over twitter. In recent weeks Diddy has been pimping his twitter profile (@iamDiddy) more than Donnie's 1st album and although I didn't see the show, I heard he was on Ellen talking about twitter like he was the cofounder ... only Diddy.

The other day I saw a tweet by Diddy saying he was live and it went to his Mogulus live stream url Take a look at Diddy on Mogulus, it was short lived..

Diddy was forced to switch to [...]