Privacy is still a top concern for U.S. Location-Based Smartphone App Users

When most people are talking about popular location-based applications such as foursquare, yelp, gowalla, and loopt the conversation is more about users, badges, check-in specials/rewards and value and less about privacy. Even though has changed a little with the recent news about both Apple and Google tracking smartphone users. Privacy using location-based applications is still a topic that is not discussed enough.

With that being said here's some valuable information from the "U.S. Smartphone App Users Concerned with Privacy When it Comes to Location" post via the Nielsen Wire.


Updated: Over 222,996 people checked into the Super Bowl with foursquare, GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe

Earlier today I wrote a post about how to earn various Super Bowl check in badges with foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. During the Super Bowl, I checked in using all five apps earned four badges and took a few screenshots to estimate the check-in numbers. Take a look:

Not shown is ScreenTribe but early numbers looks like over 68,000 people checked into the Super Bowl with Foursquare, Getglue, Miso, IntoNow & ScreenTribe. Note, these numbers are just an estimate right after Super Bowl 45 half-time and does not include check-in numbers from the actual Super Bowl game [...]

location-based applications – deals, check-ins and demographics – infographic

During the month of December I conducted a location-based marketing/applications survey from the readers of and The Location Based Marketing Association. My thanks to the 81 of you who responded to my LBS survey request going into the holidays. Here's the breakdown of your responses.

via and The Location Based Marketing Association

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Other data not shown in the location infographic:

Favorite location-based marketing promotion of 2010:

Foursquare and [...]

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infographic: The Top 10 merchant locations foursquare users are checking into

Yesterday Ad Age posted an interesting article about how they measure foursquare check-ins using Trendrr. In the post Ad Age stated they look at what are the popular cities that foursqure users check into Starbucks locations with New York Starbucks locations topping the list followed by Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago.

Also included in the article was a merchant chart showing the top check-ins for the past seven days. Here's the list of the top 10 merchant locations foursquare users are checking into from the last seven days.

Are you surprised by the merchants on the [...]

3 Ways to check-in to your favorite TV show or movie and how to earn the TRON badge

flickr photo by: Wisconsin Historical Images

As I stated in one of my previous blog post called I just checked into your blog, the act of checking in has created a new wave of applications to enable people to check into almost anything. You could always create fake locations in location-based applications and check into miscellaneous items. For example I recall one dinner at SXSW where people where checking into a woman's bra and another situation where people were checking into a guys pants. That's all fun for the moment and it was a somewhat ok thing to do when you're at a conference [...]