Two Must Attend Silicon Valley Events for Startup Founders to Meet Venture Capitalist

Uriri Onovakpuri welcoming the crowd at Kapor Capital Fellows Presentation Day

Lately I've been heads down doing customer development, coding and product management over the past few months but over the last six days I came up for air to attend three great events. The first one was TechCrunch Crunchup and August Capital Party. The second was Kapor Capital Fellows Presentation Day and the third was the Google Ventures Summer BBQ. The Google Ventures Summer BBQ and the Kapor Capital Fellows Presentation Day were by invitation but the TechCrunch Crunchup and August Capital Party was just a [...]

Video: Mitch Kapor on the value of the NewMe Accelerator and what Kapor Capital looks for in startups

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The NewMe Accelerator just completed it's first full week of working with amazing mentors and speakers from the Silicon Valley. Closing out the week NewMe startups had a chance sit down for one on one sessions with well known Venture Capitalist Mitch Kapor @mkapor of Kapor Capital. Before the sessions begin Mitch talked to the NewMe Accelerator startups first class on how he learned about the accelerator, why the NewMe Accelerator is important to have in the Silicon Valley and what Kapor Capital looks for in startups when considering investing. Take a [...]

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Important Note:  You may see Angela and I say #BOOM consistently in the coming weeks and throughout the summer, it's our version of the fist bump, lol :)

We are just a couple of weeks out at this point and we are still in awe about the amount of support that we've gotten not only from speakers and mentors but also from the people who are financially and resourcefully helping to make this historic program happen.  When we first conceptualized even putting something like this together we knew it was a huge idea, and to be frank I was [...]