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NewME Accelerator

Originally posted on BlackWeb 2.0 by Angela Benton

Important Note:  You may see Angela and I say #BOOM consistently in the coming weeks and throughout the summer, it’s our version of the fist bump, lol 🙂

We are just a couple of weeks out at this point and we are still in awe about the amount of support that we’ve gotten not only from speakers and mentors but also from the people who are financially and resourcefully helping to make this historic program happen.  When we first conceptualized even putting something like this together we knew it was a huge idea, and to be frank I was hesitant at first mainly because I knew it was such a BIG idea and BIG ideas need a lot of support to make happen.  As soon as we started reaching out to people about the program any hesitation that I’d had in the past just plain disappeared.

It takes so much more than money to make something like this happen.  It takes time, resources, physical space, knowledge that’s willing to be shared and so much more.  Throughout the summer we are going to be streaming and tweeting as much as possible (you’ll see it all from a forth coming page designed to pull everything in one place) so that you can be included in the experience as much as possible.  From there you’ll be able to see the level of involvement from the people who are supporting this program.  It’s so much more than just a sponsorship.

That said a heartfelt thanks to our sponsors partners who are helping make this a reality:

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