Spotify USA Playlist from Kanye West Day on Twitter

If you're one of the lucky Spotify USA beta users and a Kanye West fan, I created a play list of the songs from Kanye West day on Twitter. As I stated in the tools and tracks post Spotify was one of the apps that help me create the tweets. Also it looks like Kanye was wondering if Spotify was working in the U.S. yet. Not yet Kanye!

Does Spotify work in the U.S.?Sun Aug 01 15:47:02 via web

7 ways Kanye West uses his new social media power one year later after the MTV Video Music Awards infamous imma let you finish moment

Almost exactly one year ago today Kanye West went from one of the most admired hiphop artist and somewhat well liked to one of the most hated music artist of all time in one 15 second mistake. Mr. West drunk or not, caught up in the moment or not, influence by a Amber Rose or not, taking up for his little sister Beyonce or not will forever be linked to the MTV Awards and Taylor Swift. His "imma let you finish" became an instant internet meme and affected Kanye's music sales, plans for a clothing line and future concert tours. Right after Kanye West made the mistake of interrupting Taylor [...]