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Kanye West Day on Twitter – November 22 for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Album Release

Kanye West (kanyewest) on Twitter

Today, November 22 is Kanye West day on Twitter in honor of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album being released I’m posting a Tweet every hour of the day (24 tweets) with a quote from one of Kanye’s songs with the hashtag #kanyewest. For example one tweet would look like this:”Whether you broke or rich you gotta get biz, Having’ money’s not everything, not having it is” #kanyewest. If you want to join/participate feel free to do the same or just post a tweet with the hashtag #kanyewest and try to keep it positive.

Summary of Kanye West Day on Twitter:
24 Tweets in 24 hours
Hashtag: #kanyewest
Tweet: Favorite Kanye West song or lyrics.
Theme: positive

Why Kanye West day on Twitter? I know some of you may be tired of hearing about Kanye West and you have your own opinion of him and his personality. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and who to follow or not to follow on Twitter. Everyone has their favorite music artist too. As for me, one of my favorite music artist is Kanye West. I may or may not agree with everything he has said or done but he’s an artist, he’s creative and we both use Twitter. Therefore why not.

What is your Kanye West song?
What do you think about his new album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?”

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