BUILDUP Radio Episode 2 – Semil Shah on How Can Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) Can Build Bridges With Investors

As the conversation about Underrepresented Minorities In Tech (URM) continues to evolve from meritocracy, to work force numbers, to can you name more than five African-American tech founders in Silicon Valley/ San Francisco Bay Area some investors acknowledge they haven't been pitched from a "URM" and some wonder what can they do to about it. One such investor is Semil Shah, Venture Advisor to Bullpen Capital and GGV Capital and direct investor with his fund called Haystack. Semil wrote about "minorities in tech, startups, and investing via his blog and since then curated a URM Twitter list [...]

Upcoming Guest on BUILDUP Radio Podcast – Hillary Frank and Semil Shah

This week BUILDUP will be recording two new episodes of BUILDUP Radio Podcast and we're excited to interview Hillary Frank of Charles River Ventures and investor Semil Shah of Haystack. You can listen and subscribe to BUILDUP Radio at, along with listen to our first episode with Tommy Leep of Rothenberg Ventures on Characteristics of A Startup Founder.

If you have any questions that you would love for us to ask Hillary or Semil, let us know in the comments.

Guest Post: Apps to make you seem musically talented

Guest Post Author:

Lisa is an avid yoga enthusiast who enjoys writing in her spare time for – home of USdirect.

I love music. Unfortunately, the only thing I know how to play is the radio. My husband sings, my daughters play the piano and my son not only beat boxes, he can hear a song twice and sing it back to you in key. Makes me sick.

On the other hand, I also love technology, which can help you look more musically talented than you really are if you know which programs to use! Personally I believe everyone can make music, and everyone should. So here are some brilliant [...]

Guest post: How Google+’s Integration Of Blogger Attempts To Legitimize The Web

Guest post author:

Francis Santos is a writer and blogger for Benchmark Email and can be found on Twitter.

A few months ago, internet users suddenly found a big black bar across their browser windows whenever they accessed Google’s services. Standing out in stark contrast to the gargantuan corporation’s usual light colored palette, this bar became “Google Control Central.” This was the first step in a comprehensive effort to harmonize all of Google’s far-flung serviceswhich range from search and translation to email and social networking.

Blogger users should now identify [...]