8 websites to help you create an instagram online profile

Instagram is one of those little startups that could. I've been blogging about Instagram since I fell in love with the app when they first launched. Now with over seven million users instagram is living up hype of what I call the new twitter and with the recent rumors that Facebook tried to buy Instagram the photo sharing startup only has one way to go and that is up. With a rapid user growth, an API that developers are building new mashups with and a list of growing brands such as Chevy, Playboy, National Geographic and ABCNews posting photos in the instagram app it's hard to believe that [...]

3 ways to showcase your social media profiles: Card.ly, DandyiD & Google profiles

Yesterday TechCrunch posted about Card.ly a new website that allows anyone to create a simple clean website with an about area, profile picture, contact information and a list of their social media profiles. Card.ly does take a few minutes to setup but after adding your profiles you'll have the option to select from a few clean designs and then you're all set with a short url to share with friends and promote your social media presence. It also creates a VCard for others to download and add to their address book. You can see my Card.ly website here: http://card.ly/waynesutton

Card.ly has [...]