Apple to fix the iPhone 4 problems to show you have more bars in less places! tip @techmeme

Now this is news. Straight from the press contact. No rumors, guesses or fake emails. Apple has officially announced they will release a software update for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3G/ 3Gs. Apple has admitted a problem with the way the iPhone 4 bars drop bars and the formula they used to calculate signal strength on the AT&T network. Also they admitted the signal drops if you hold the iPhone 4 a certain way but also says it worked the the same for previous iPhone models. Here's an excerpt from the official press release via Apple.

Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the [...]

Google Buzz: 11 Must Read Blog Post About Privacy, Extensions & Tips

The web is still buzzing about Google Buzz, sorry I just had to say it and everyone has their opinions about it. Personally I thank  google buzz is great and I have my reasons to think that way but I'll share those in another blog post. I did leave a comment on a blog post called: Google Buzz: Already Better than Wave (and Maybe Facebook, Too) Saying: Yes, I think buzz is better than Wave at the moment for conversations but not for private collaborations. For that I'll stick to Google Wave. Buzz is more like friendfeed than anything else. As for using it more than [...]

Email marketing booming in the recession, Bronto’s CEO talks startups, marketing but thinking twitter with Tweetica

Yesterday Bronto, an email marketing service provider based in Durham, NC held an open house to invite the community to view their new office space. I got word about the open house event via twitter from a few of their coworkers (@Covati @djwaldow ) and decided to attend. Immediately when you walk in to the new Bronto, you'll notice a huge dinosaur which is their logo/mascot and bright painted walls.

The space is awesome & I'm hoping to host a few meetups in the future there too. The event started at 5:00 p.m. and at 6:00 p.m. Bronto's CEO Joe Colopy (@colopy on twitter) gave a brief [...]

Talk Social News Episode 5: Yammer, Google Android G1, using social media to explain the bailout bill and what Jason Calacanis calls the Startup Depression

The interview: Talk Social News Episode 5 - length 33:39 download or click to play:
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This week, Kipp and Wayne interview Yammer CEO David Sacks, a quick review of Google's Andriod OS phone with T-Mobile the G1 and we review how the government could use social media to communicate with the public to inform us on what is in the bailout bill. Also we discuss how the state of the economy will effect startups, what Jason Calacanis calls the [...]