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Google Buzz: 11 Must Read Blog Post About Privacy, Extensions & Tips

Google Buzz

The web is still buzzing about Google Buzz, sorry I just had to say it and everyone has their opinions about it. Personally I thank  google buzz is great and I have my reasons to think that way but I’ll share those in another blog post. I did leave a comment on a blog post called: Google Buzz: Already Better than Wave (and Maybe Facebook, Too) Saying: Yes, I think buzz is better than Wave at the moment for conversations but not for private collaborations. For that I’ll stick to Google Wave. Buzz is more like friendfeed than anything else. As for using it more than Twitter or Facebook in the future, I’m not sure but the possibility is there because it’s linked to google reader and my gmail.

But what about you? What are you thoughts on Google Buzz? Regardless here are 11 must read blog about privacy, extensions & tips.

  1. How to Do Everything in Google Buzz (Including Turn It Off)
  2. Google Buzz Explained
  3. Google Buzz findings (review from an old techie)
  4. How To Bring Your Google Buzz Entries to Twitter
  5. How to protect your privacy on Google Buzz
  6. 12 Undocumented Tricks for Google Buzz
  7. Google Buzz Tips and Tricks
  8. Google Buzz ER: Google Buzz for WordPress
  9. Access Google Buzz in Google Chrome via Chrome Buzz
  10. Google Chrome Extension: Google Buzz Checker
  11. Publish on Google Buzz using Google Reader.

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If you found any useful articles on Google Buzz let me know in the comments.

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