Presentation: Beyond The Business Case For Diversity and Inclusion In Tech

Tech companies released their diversity and inclusion data in 2014 that lead to the national awareness of the lack of inclusion in the workforce that has stifled innovation. Research after research continues to show that businesses with diverse leadership and employees outperform companies that are homogeneous yet many executives question the value of diversity.

Call For Speakers Now Open For The Ability In Tech Summit and Technology Showcase

The Ability in Tech Summit will break down the barriers between people with different physical and mental abilities through workshops, panel discussions and simply having a safe space to learn meaningfully and connect. The summit is partnership between Computer Technologies Program (CTP) and Change Catalyst/Tech Inclusion.

As technology continues to affect every sector of business and innovation, there’s a growing concern for the lack inclusion across the tech ecosystem: from the pipeline to the boardroom to Capitol Hill. While we work to correct through the increasing focus on [...]

The Obvious Reason To Focus On Minority Entrepreneurship To Create The Tech Workforce Of The Future

I would hope the world knows the tech workforce is lacking real diversity and inclusion. But just in case you haven't seen the numbers, it's something like this: Women make up an average of 11%, Latinos an average of 1% and African-Americans an average of 2%. Here's more data via Forbes and Fortune. Nothing that is nearly close to the US population. While shockingly to me is that many tech CEOs, investors, and engineers are still asking the question; why does this even matter or what is the real business case for diversity and inclusion. That's for another post

For startups/tech [...]

Diversity in Tech – Employee Breakdown Of Key Technology Companies – #infographic


Which tech companies employ the most people of colour and which are more of a whitewash?

We sifted through the global employee data of 18 tech firms from Amazon to Yahoo, ranked ‘em by race and gender, then compared against the general US population.  The data isn’t exactly black and white: not all companies declare their figures and most don’t reveal the ratio of manual labourers to executives. But some interesting patterns arise and it’s clear that some races are better represented than others.

The most graphic un-equalizer of all, though, is gender. Considering [...]

BUILDUP Radio Podcast Special Episode – Interview with Rev. Jesse Jackson On Diversity and Inclusion In Tech

BUILDUP co-hosted a Diversity and Inclusion in Tech roundtable with Rev. Jesse Jackson at Galvanize. Prior to the roundtable, BUILDUP General Partner Wayne Sutton had the opportunity to interview Rev. Jesse Jackson. During the interview Rev. Jackson discussed everything from Selma, why is he involved in tech space and Black History Month. You can watch the video interview here, Interview With Rev. Jesse Jackson On Diversity And Inclusion In Tech, Politics And Black History Month

[soundcloud_ultimate [...]