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Call For Speakers Now Open For The Ability In Tech Summit and Technology Showcase

Ability In Tech Summit | Career Fair & Technology Showcase, May 21st

Ability In Tech Summit | Career Fair & Technology Showcase, May 21st

The Ability in Tech Summit will break down the barriers between people with different physical and mental abilities through workshops, panel discussions and simply having a safe space to learn meaningfully and connect. The summit is partnership between Computer Technologies Program (CTP) and Change Catalyst/Tech Inclusion.

As technology continues to affect every sector of business and innovation, there’s a growing concern for the lack inclusion across the tech ecosystem: from the pipeline to the boardroom to Capitol Hill. While we work to correct through the increasing focus on diversity and inclusion, we often leave out populations of capable people in tech like those with visible and invisible disabilities.

When Melinda Epler and I organized the first Tech Inclusion conference in 2015, we did our best to make the conference inclusive as possible for all races, genders and individuals with hidden and visible disabilities. The conference provided ASL Interpreters for individuals with hearing needs and we even had speakers and volunteers with visible and invisible disabilities. While this was a significant first step, we learned post-conference we could do more. Melinda met with one of our speaker’s organizations Computer Technologies Program(CTP) which prepares people with disabilities for professional employment by providing technical training, coaching and associated services. Both Melinda and I also talked with several individuals with visible and invisible disabilities about how often they not mentioned in the diversity and inclusion tech conversation. One individual shared how much he works and tech but doesn’t go to many tech events because he doesn’t feel welcomed and the environment is not as inclusive of his needs. We hope the Ability In Tech Summit changes that.

The Ability In Tech Summit is for everyone with a focus on innovative technology for people with disabilities, data around disability in technology, how to support employees with hidden & visible disabilities along with a career fair. We hope to make an impact and are looking for speakers and organizations to partner to help make a difference. Today we’re pleased to announce that registration and call for speakers is now open for the first Ability In Tech Summit, Career Fair & Technology Showcase.

Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: ED ROBERTS CAMPUS, 3075 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA 94703

If you’re interested in speaking, fill out the form below. If your organization is interested in sponsoring the Ability In Tech Summit contact us at

Fill out the Ability In Tech Summit Call For Speakers Application

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If you’re interested in speaking at future Tech Inclusion Events fill out the call for speakers form here: Tech Inclusion Conference Call For Speakers

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