Gap uses QR codes for marketing but no sign of Foursquare in stores


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Today while visiting Crabtree Valley Mall I walked into the Gap store to see if they had any offline location based marketing signs due to all of their recent promotions with Foursquare and groupon. I know the groupon promotion was a one day special but I thought the Foursquare promotion was still going on.

I decided to ask one of the Gap employees about the Foursquare promotion and they said they think it was a certain percentage off after checking into a least three Gap locations. Little did they [...]

iPhone 4 Launch Day at Crabtree Valley Mall (Raleigh)

Guest post by: carleemallard

Although the mall apparently had been open all night for people to start lining up at the Apple store's front doors, I arrived at Crabtree bright and early at 5:00am, thinking that the mall wouldn't open until 5:30am. To my surprise, we found two separate lines forming, one for those with iPhones reserved and another for those without a reservation. There were only about 50 people in the reservation line by the time we arrived at 5am, but unfortunately we found ourselves behind at least 150 others without reservations.

As early as it was, people were [...]

Apple iPhone 4 @ Crabtree Valley Mall. Hello, iPhone. Good-bye, day.

Guest post by: @PennyMoxie

I told the guy who would be buying  my old phone that I would call him when I was out of the Apple store.  "What time do you think that will be", he asked.  I wanted to be CONSERVATIVE, so I replied, "about 9:00am.  I'm getting there at 6:45, so i can't imagine it will take that long."  I'm a first-class fool.

6:30am   I put my 5-year-old in the car and told her she was going with me to "pick-up my new iPhone" at the mall.  I figured she would get fidgety in the store, but we wouldn't be there that long.  At one point, while driving to Crabtree Valley [...]

iPhone 3G S Apple Store launch coverage from Raleigh, NC – Year 3

I'm sure by now you know what today is, iPhone 3G S launch day and for the third year in a row I was able to catch up with an old friend and take some pictures/videos of the Apple Store opening plus the hundreds standing in line for the iPhone. When I arrived, I saw Ashton, who for three years in a row now has been first in line to buy the iPhone at the Apple Store in Crabtree Valley Mall. I first met Ashton in 2007 when he purchased the 1st generation iPhone and I was able to take this picture of him, which has been viewed over 5,000 times on flickr and I was recently told it may the [...]