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Gap uses QR codes for marketing but no sign of Foursquare in stores


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Today while visiting Crabtree Valley Mall I walked into the Gap store to see if they had any offline location based marketing signs due to all of their recent promotions with Foursquare and groupon. I know the groupon promotion was a one day special but I thought the Foursquare promotion was still going on.

I decided to ask one of the Gap employees about the Foursquare promotion and they said they think it was a certain percentage off after checking into a least three Gap locations. Little did they know that was a test question. Cool and thank you I said the the employee and walked away. I’m glad they were aware of the Foursquare promotion, where often times you ask employees about national location or social marketing efforts and they have no clue.

I did see a nice QR code by the cash register before leaving that said “Do you believe in magic?”, “scan for customer reviews and styling ideas….”. Me being the geek I am, scanned the QR code and it sent me to the page below.

Also the QR code sign mention if
I didn’t have a QR reader I could download the Scanlife qr / barcode app.

It’s interesting to see brands finally start to use QR codes in stores for marketing but I’m also wondering when we’ll see brands start placing logos/signs saying check-in here outside of window clings.

Regardless I give Gap 2 thumbs up for all of their recent success and trying new social/local/group/coupon marketing efforts.

Have you seen QR codes used in other stores recently? If so how?

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