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This Week in Location: Facebook Places vs. The World. 57 must read location-based articles from last week.

Location-Based Apps Names

What a week for the location-based space. It could be summed up as Facebook Places vs. The World in the battle for check-in supremacy. It could also be described as how Facebook Places want to be the check-in hub for location-based apps. Regardless almost everyone had an opinion about how Facebook Places would either kill Foursquare, Gowalla, yelp and other location-based startup, honestly I think most are wrong but that’s another blog post. Soon after Facebook Places was announced people were blogging about deleting their other location app profiles and more.

Before Facebook Places was announced Barcode Hero and Shopkick was launched and TriOut was showcasing more of their upcoming version two features but by the end of the week the web was still debating the value of Facebook Places. Here are 57 must read location-based articles plus videos from last week.

TriOut Background Check-in

Shopkick App Preview

Facebook Places commercial

Facebook Places



TriOut v2 Dev Journal: Background Check In

Location General and other apps

Did you read any interesting location-based articles this week that I may have missed? If so let me know in the comments.

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