Why technology, startup, entrepreneur, social media conference organizers cannot fix the lack diversity problem at their events.

Last week at this time I was in Las Vegas attending Blogworld Expo 2010. For Blogworld it was their fourth year and my second time attending. I had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with old ones while learning a few tips here and there. Blogworld markets itself as the world’s largest social media conference with over 3,000 attendees. Note, if you’re wondering about SXSW, SXSW is NOT a social media conference it’s an interactive tech conference with some social media sessions. During lunch on opening day at Blogworld I was sitting with a few friends and I looked around [...]

11 first time IRL encouters at BlogWorld Expo 2009 #bwe09

If you have been reading any of my recent blog post or following my tweets, then I'm sure you know that I attended BlogWorld Expo 2009. This was my first time attending and being that it was the largest expo yet, it seems like I picked a good time attend. While I enjoyed seeing and hanging with virtual friends at BlogWorld who I may have met once or twice in real-life, I was excited to met 11 other colleges for the first time offline. Here's my list of first time in real-life encounters at Blog World Expo.

1. Chris Pirillo - @chrisPirillo - http://chris.pirillo.com

2. Cali Lewis [...]

BlogWorld Video: How Twits Lay Golden Eggs – The Art of Social Engagement for Business #bwe09

BlogWorld Expo 2009 Session: How Twits Lay Golden Eggs - The Art of Social Engagement for Business

Session Description- How Twits Lay Golden Eggs: The Art of Authentic Engagement for Business Twitter has not only become an online communication phenomenon, but also an invaluable business tool. Learn how to utilize Twitter for business effectively without offending your target audience. Top tweeps will provide you with specific examples of how best to engage your network, tools and tips for sharing tweets creatively, as well as a Tweet Plan for streamlining your Twitter efforts!

Panelist: [...]

BlogWorld: Time Management Strategies for Social Media, guest notes from @JasonPeck & @DJwaldow

Guest BlogWorld Expo 2009 notes post from Jason Peck and DJ Waldow

Jason Peck @jasonpeck

Social media manager at @eWayDirect.

BlogWorld Expo 2009 Session:
Fitting It All In: Time Management Strategies for Social Media

Amber Naslund

Get organized, figure out where to spend your time
have tangible goals
netvibes - good way to build a dashboard for listening - twitter search, socialmention, boardtracker, google alerts, addictomatic
spend time on 2-3 tools that are valuable - don't go chasing all of them
measuring and analyzing - it's a must

social media maturity
Passive [...]

BlogWorld Video Interview: Jermaine Dupri @LTLline on blogs, music & social media #bwe09

Jermine Dupri was one of the celebrities to be apart of the "The New Celebrity" keynote panel at BlogWorld Expo 2009. After the keynote I had a chance to interview Jermine Dupri about blogs, the future of the music industry, what insprires him, and social media etiquette. Take a look.

Are you following Jermaine Dupri @LTLline and do you agree with his points?

BlogWorld Video: The role for blogs in an age of micro-blogging from Rick Klau @rklau of Google

The role for blogs in an age of micro-blogging from Rick Klau @rklau of Google

Video from session:

Microblogs are complementary not competitive
Conversations are fragmenting
You can either go where the readers are or wait for them to come to you
People will only engage with people where they are already commenting
You can go to where they are or you can wait for them to come to you
Measure what matters: Traffic != influence
Keys to building a lasting community = Content + Passion + Engagement
Success with a blog is about commenting to values
Don't become a slave to focus on your blog [...]

BlogWorld Notes: The State of Technology & the Real Time Web via @louisgray #bw09

Lead by: Louis Gray

Video from WayneSutton.TV

My Notes:
Session Introduction
Everything is moving faster even it we like it or not

More data is being creating today more than ever
What is real-time
search and discovery
transport of data
live activity with requiring refresh

Real-time search
1st friendfeed
Google isn't providing real-time search like twitter and/or friendfeed

Friendfeed is like twitter search ++ and it has rich media
Real-Time search

Real-Time data export
Data is flowing everywhere
Problem is trying to get data
Pubsubhubbub = middle [...]