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11 first time IRL encouters at BlogWorld Expo 2009 #bwe09


If you have been reading any of my recent blog post or following my tweets, then I’m sure you know that I attended BlogWorld Expo 2009. This was my first time attending and being that it was the largest expo yet, it seems like I picked a good time attend. While I enjoyed seeing and hanging with virtual friends at BlogWorld who I may have met once or twice in real-life, I was excited to met 11 other colleges for the first time offline. Here’s my list of first time in real-life encounters at Blog World Expo.

Meet another video mentor @chrispirillo at @blogworld #bwe09
1. Chris Pirillo – @chrisPirillo –

2. Cali Lewis @calilewis –

3. Ben Parr @BenParr –

Two of my favorite people @brett & @drew #techkaraoke #bwe09
4. Drew Olanoff – @Drew –

5. Darren Rowse aka @ProBlogger –

6. Kosso – @kosso –

7. Qiana Markham – @crimpshoes –

8. Calvin Lee – @mayhemstudios –

Photo & quote from @disqus at @blogworld #bwe09 - see link for quote
9. Giannii – @giannii –

10. Mona Nomura – @Mona –

11. Scott Monty – @ScottMonty –

It was great meeting everyone and for others who I met for the first time it was nice to meet you too. Lets keep in touch.

If you attended Blog World Expo 2009, who did you meet for the first time in real-life and what are your thoughts on Blog World Expo 2009?

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