SlideShare: Messaging is Eating the World by Edith Yeung

First it was “why is software is eating the world, then it was mobile is eating the world and now we have “Messaging is Eating the World”. But for real… messaging is eating the world and messaging apps could impact almost every online experience from how we google search to shopping to delivery. For entrepreneurs you are almost in a “if you’re reading this now it’s to late” scenario because WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Facebook Messenger are leading the way.

Enterprise Mobility – Apps, Platforms and Devices – infographic

Infographic Description: The enterprises are witnessing a transformation led by smartphones and Tablets. Mobility is slowly becoming a critical part of IT strategy. As employees and business processes go mobile, we tried to decode enterprise mobility, crunch numbers to present before you an informative infographic detailing out the technology used in enterprise mobility, industry verticals that are at the forefront of mobilizing its operations and why enterprises are adopting mobility solutions. Our enterprise mobility infographic also takes a look at the state of enterprise applications, [...]

Guest Post: 5 Apps to Help You Reach that New Years Resolution

Guest Author:
Nancy Evans is a freelance writer that specializes in technology and business.

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and for many that means trying to come up with a list of this year's resolutions. It seems like every year, nearly everyone you know comes up with a long list of resolutions designed to make them a better person only to have many off those resolutions pushed into nonexistence or rolled over on to the following year's list.

While resolutions aren't always easy to stick to or achieve, there are several ways that technology can actually help you stay true to [...]

8 websites to help you create an instagram online profile

Instagram is one of those little startups that could. I've been blogging about Instagram since I fell in love with the app when they first launched. Now with over seven million users instagram is living up hype of what I call the new twitter and with the recent rumors that Facebook tried to buy Instagram the photo sharing startup only has one way to go and that is up. With a rapid user growth, an API that developers are building new mashups with and a list of growing brands such as Chevy, Playboy, National Geographic and ABCNews posting photos in the instagram app it's hard to believe that [...]

With 3.75 million users Instagram is the new Twitter

Today one of my favorite iPhone apps updated to version 1.7. That app was Instagram. I've been a fan of the simple photo-sharing app that allows you add a simple filter and share it with the Instagram community and your social graph for a while and with the new features it just secured its place as the new twitter. For me at least.

New in version Instagram version 1.7 are the following:
- Grid View for Profile Pages
- Optional Bio Field in Profiles
- Manage which push [...]

How to Use Peter Pham’s iphone Color™ app – infographic

When your iPhone app become so cool that it users/fans create an infographic providing examples how to use it then you're on your way to something great... right? Either way, it's what the guys at Namesake has done. Namesake created "The New Party Crasher: How to Troll using Color" infographic of Peter Pham’s smart phone app Color™ .  If you're not familiar with Color, it is a location-aware social application that allow users to take a photo of what's happening around them.


How to Use @Color - Namesake Blog.

Have you used color yet? If so how was your experience?