No iOS 7 and Goodbye iPhone

Unless you have been living under a tech rock you know that Apple's iOS 7 was made available for iPhone and iPad users to upgrade. I've tested iOS 7 prior to release and I made a decision it was time for me to make the switch to Android. I figured that if I'm going to learn a new OS why not Android. I've been a long time Apple fanboy and have stood in line at least three times for the iPhone including the very first iPhone and the first iPad. With the Android OS matured and me being a primary Google Apps for domain user it just made sense. Plus I was getting more frustrated with mobile [...]

Antyony Fraiser’s Playd iPhone and Android Apps Now Available

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Are you into gaming or mobile or social gaming or earning rewards or all of the above? If so you're in luck as playd iPhone and Android apps are now available for you to download on both the iPhone app store and Android Market place. Playd allows you to you rate, share, and discuss the games you love with your friends!

In an email sent last night Playd founders say:

I'm proud to announce that Playd is finally born! We spent the entire summer building and collecting feedback from you guys and now you can see it in action. As gamers our work is never done.

How Apple could disrupt the QR Code Reader App business and make QR Codes main stream in iOS5

When it comes to the QR Code marketing / implementation business one question I often would get is what is the best QR Code reader for xyz smartphone. That would include blackberry and nokia smartphones that come with a built in QR Code Reader/Scanner. But for the iPhone, Android and windows mobile smartphones you would have to search the various App stores for QR Code Reader or QR Code Scanner, read the reviews and try out the growing list of QR Code reader apps that for the most part does the exact same thing with the exception of a few security features or a faster reader.

With the [...]

Google announces Video Chat for Android Phones moving one step closer to unified mobile video calls

Today Google announced Video Chat for Android Phones starting with the Nexus S device as part of the Android 2.3.4 over-the-air update and will launch on other Android 2.3+ devices soon. This comes on the heels as Fring just announced their free four way video calling  service and the recent Skype acquisition of Qik video calling platform. But as RWW posted when will video calling work across smartphones natively from the mobile OS?  Example iPhone facetime video call to a google voice user and a google voice video call to a skype call?  Only time will tell but this is a good start [...]

Google releases the official Honeycomb/Android 3.0 Preview video

If you are currently using Google's Android OS on a tablet you'll notice at times it's not as slick or intuitive as a tablet OS should be especially one from Google. That's because the current Android OS wasn't really made for tablets. That will all change soon as Google is set to release Android 3.0 what is also known as Honeycomb.

A few days ago Google released a teaser video of the new tablet optimized Honeycomb/Android OS as the wave of tablet announcements are being made at CES this week running the new OS. Take a look.

Are you excited about new Honeycomb/Android powered tablets [...]

5 Ways Developers and Partners are using the new TriOut API

Before was release TriOut founder Lawrence Ingraham and I new at some point TriOut would need an API. What we didn’t know is how soon it would be created after the initial launch in February 2010. Then we saw the first beta release of announced and I contacted my friends at Brightkite to see if they were interested in including TriOut for the second beta version and the response was yes. Some may have wondered why include a hyper-local location-based platform in a national check-in web app where the goal is to help solve check-in fatigue but the answer is simple. Why not?