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No iOS 7 and Goodbye iPhone

Unless you have been living under a tech rock you know that Apple’s iOS 7 was made available for iPhone and iPad users to upgrade. I’ve tested iOS 7 prior to release and I made a decision it was time for me to make the switch to Android. I figured that if I’m going to learn a new OS why not Android. I’ve been a long time Apple fanboy and have stood in line at least three times for the iPhone including the very first iPhone and the first iPad. With the Android OS matured and me being a primary Google Apps for domain user it just made sense. Plus I was getting more frustrated with mobile carries policies in terms two year contracts, upgrade policies and of unlimited data tethering restrictions.


I now have an unlocked, carrier free Google Nexus 4 16gb on T-mobile with unlimited data, text and 100 voice minutes. It works for me because one I don’t like to talk on the phone a lot and when I do it’s over wifi 4G or skype or with Google Voice. All for $30 a month.

I do have an iPad Mini on Verizon that I’ll eventually upgrade to iOS 7. I do think the iPhone 5S is a great device and with my health kick I’m on I may eventually switch back but if I do it will be on a similar plan like I’m on now.

It’s 2013 and sooner or later mobile plans with focus on data first for an average fee of $30 to $50 for unlimited everything. The key is paying up front for an unlocked carrier free phone.

Since going Android my email productivity has increased 5x mainly to the usability of Google’s Gmail app.

If you have made the switch let me know in the comments.

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