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Poll Results: Twitterrific voted best Twitter app for the iPad before Twitter for the iPad app is released

A few weeks ago I conducted a poll asking readers to vote for the best Twitter app for the iPad out of the top 8 iPad Twitter Apps. The list included the following apps:
Tweet Flow

As you can seen via the poll results above, Twitterrific was the clear winner.

Since the poll, Twitter has released their official iPhone app, Twitter for the iPhone formally known as Tweetie. The app works great and then I decided to install Twitter for the iPhone on my iPad. Note, I have a jailbroken iPad which allows me to install an hack app called Full Force that make some iPhone apps fit the iPad screen space without looking pixelated. I used the Full Force app on Twitter for the iPhone app and it works great. I’m not sure what will change in the app when Twitter releases the official Twitter for the iPad app but I don’t think it should be a lot. Here are a few screenshots.

Since the iPad was released I have been using Twitterrific but I find that my hacked version of Twitter for the iPhone seems to have almost replaced it. It will be interesting to see what happens when Twitter releases the official app as it should work the best being the app is coming from Twitter themselves.

Do you think the official Twitter for the iPad app will replace your current Twitter iPad app?

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