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Hootsuite Twitter client goes 2.0, requires a tweet to upgrade. Screenshots & D.O.A.T

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So I just received an to upgrade email to the new shiny, Multi Column View, Tabbed Layout, Quick Search and more 2.0 version of HootSuite. My first reaction was great, I love new the features and upgrades. But to upgrade I had to send out a tweeet from all of my HootSuite accounts, something I didn’t want to do. Now do a search for hootsuite and you’ll see others upgrading and auto-tweeting away.

hootsuite - Twitter Search

Here’s a look at some of the new Hootsuite 2.0 features.

Multi-column view


You can create groups


More features.


So far Hootsuite 2.0 looks like a winner in the space of web based professional Twitter clients. It will compete with CoTweet and the new Seesmic web twitter client. But I’m NOT a fan of having to send out a tweet from all of my Hootsuite accounts announcing that I have upgraded. I know it’s a free service and sending out a tweet is smart for marketing for the platform but it still should be optional. From the time I started this post to know over 1,828 upgrade tweets have been sent out meaning other users are upgrading.

Maybe I should do a song called. D.O.A.T. = Death of the auto tweet!


Your thoughts on the auto-tweet to ugprade?

Do you like the new interface?

Will you switch from CoTweet, TweetGrid or Seesmic web and use Hoosuite 2.0?


Twit_normalbeebow@waynesutton hey @hootsuite_help informs me the tweet is only required for early upgrades… investigating further…

Update 2:
The auto tweet is only if you want to upgrade early. So if you want to wait and not send out an auto tweet, don’t upgrade.

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