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16 reasons why I’m not quitting the iPhone


So today, famed tech blogger, Michael Arrington @arrington of TechCrunch wrote a blog post called, “I quit the iPhone“. Arrington has a large audience that reads his network of blogs and is very successful and popular in terms of his events that he plans in the technology space. In other words Arrington has power and influencer depending on how you look at it. Either way Arrington and I both bloggers and entitled to our own opinions. I would like to think we have a lot in common but he’s a lot more successful than I am at the moment but lets hope that changes in the near future. Nevertheless this isn’t about Wayne vs Arrington but just my thoughts on why I’m not quitting the iPhone for another mobile device.

Here are my reasons.

1. The iPhone OS is the best mobile operating system in terms of usability, period.
2. I don’t want to carry around two devices. Arrington said he will use a Palm Pre and an iPod Touch.
3. I don’t live in a heavily metropolitan area and AT&T 3G service works great for me. I hardly have a drop call but I do notice a difference when I travel to larger cities such as Atlanta and Austin and the service is not as good with more users on AT&T’s network.
4. Apple’s iPhone app store is better than the upcoming Windows Mobile app store, Blackberry, Nokia and Google’s
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5. The iPhone has the best applications to access social networks such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook etc. Not to mention the new Facebook iPhone 3.0 app is going to be awesome.
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6. The iPhone has best Twitter Apps as a matter fact, the App store has to many Twitter apps.
7. I have access to apps that get kicked out of the app store via the Cyida App store. because my I choose to jailbreak my iPhone.
8. I don’t have to wait for AT&T to allow tethering on my iPhone because I already have it via PdaNet without any additional charges.
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9. I like to use my iPhone 3Gs for jogging with NikePlus even though the NikePlus site has way to much flash on it’s site but that’s another blog post rant.
10. I own a MacBook and use MobileMe to sync my bookmarks and files that I can access via my iPhone. Plus Apple just released the iDisk iPhone app
11. I enjoy over-the-air calendar and contact syncing with my iPhone using Google Calendar, iCal, Google Contacts and Address book along with my email.
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12. The iPhone has the best apps for mobile blogging.
13. I can use the iPhone with iTunes and the Amazon music store.
14. I can run iPhone apps in the background via the backgrounder app and make Skype phone calls over 3G.
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15. I have two choices for an app store, Apple’s app store and the Cyida App store.
16. I can theme my iPhone if I choose to do so via the Winterboard app in Cydia.

Those are just a few of my reasons why I’m not quitting the iPhone. I know some are very tedious and Mr. Arrington did say he would be using an iPod Touch therefore he’s not completely leaving Apple or the App store just the iPhone. Also Arrington did acknowledged that he believes the iPhone is the best mobile phone in the market, quote from the TechCrunch article “I’d move to the Palm Pre because I believe it is the best phone out there other than the iPhone 3GS.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely in love with the iPhone or Apple or AT&T and not happy about the recent decisions to remove existing apps or prevent some apps from seeing the light of day in the app store such as GV Mobile, and Google Latitude native app. Also I’ll be very surprise if GPush or a few other apps will ever see the light of day in app store. I’ve been waiting for Qik and Ustream.TV live video streaming apps to be released and only time will tell if Apple will approve them. If not I hope others follow GV Mobile leads and join the Cydia app store, something both Qik and Ustream have already done.

What are your reasons for sticking with the iPhone or did Arrington post convince you to leave AT&T and switch to another device?

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