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5 ways to engage with your audience outside of blogging

In today’s fast past, real-time, always on, content pushing world it seems as though everyone is trying to keep the attention of website visitors. You’re either sending out tweets, an email newsletters and/or saying come here take a look at what I have to offer. But then what? Your website visitor clicks, read and close, while you’re hoping they will bookmark the page for later, subscribe to your RSS feed if you have one or contact you for more information. Here are 5 ways to engage with your audience outside of blogging or with your blog.

1. Feedback Widgets from Google & Twitter:
TwiFeedback | Get user feedback & Ideas through Twitter
See: &

2. Add a SlideShare presentation: (everyone loves a good presentation)

3. Host a live video show using one of the following sites on your company site. Hubspot does this all the time.

4. Promote a webinar on your site using eventbrite or a similar service and host using a webinar using:

5. Add a real-time conversation flow to your site using FriendFeed, example Building43
building43 | We're building43 - what are you building?

In the end its still about the content but so much information being push to individuals I think content creators and site owners should think about content diversity and various ways to engage with visitors when they arrive to your website.

How are you engaging with your current site visitors?

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