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An interview with Anthony Anderson on Black-ish at ESSENCE

Essence Festival is not just about the concerts but is also an opportunity for brands, TV shows and films to screen upcoming releases in front of their core demographic. One screening I watched was the the screening of “Black-ish”. Black-ish is a single-camera comedy that centers on a middle-class African-American family. The show features one of my favorite actors and comedians Anthony Anderson. Joining Anthony will be Hollywood heavyweights Laurence Fishburne playing the role as “Pops” and Girlfriends actress Tracee Ellis Ross as “Rainbow Johnson”. Anthony will play the role of “Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson” .

During ESSENCE, I participated in a Q&A Anthony Anderson. You can watch the Q&A session below, recorded via Google Glass.

Here’s a two minute trailer of Black-ish.

Black-ish will air Wednesdays at 9:30|8:30c this Fall on ABC. You can follow Black-ish via social media on the accounts below.

More on Black-ish at: What’s Black-Ish? Anthony Anderson Talks New Sitcom & Dealing With Racial Nuances At Essence Festival (EXCLUSIVE)

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