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The Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015 – infographic

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Twitter user @FashionistaChik asked me about those sometimes “pesky” but effective slide in WordPress plugins you see on many popular blogs. I recently was looking for one myself for and found three.

1. Slide In from Wpmudev
2. SimpleReach Slide
3. End of Page Slide Box

If you would like more control on what content to slide in then End Of Page Slide box is suggested. If you would like for post to be automatically selected then Slide in or SimpleReach works. SimpleReach comes with built in twitter and Facebook sharing as well. I’m using SimpleReach and will sometimes override it with End of Page depending on the context of the post.


This infographic, A History of Disruptive Innovations in B2B Marketing, looks at breakthrough technologies and processes that forever changed one segment of the world: the lives of B2B marketing professionals.

But the release of this infographic is emblematic of another change — albeit a smaller, more nuanced change. It heralds a refined approach to content marketing.

A History of Disruptive Innovations is different. We are releasing it jointly with a new product. Why? Because the product, called Eloqua Engage for iPad, is the convergence of four of the disruptions expertly visualized by JESS3 in this infographic.

Eloqua Engage for iPad enables sales to easily customize and fire off emails to leads from their iPad using templates pre-built by marketing. Best yet, the correspondence is automatically updated in the user’s Eloqua databases.

Social Commerce Psychology of Shoppers

I almost called this post Victoria’s Secret brings sexy back to QR Codes but QR Codes were never sexy so that would be a lie. Instead I went with “Victoria’s Secret uses QR Codes to help you undress women with your smartphone”. What do I mean? Just take a look at the photos below from Victoria’s Secret new “Sexier Than Skin” ad campaign.

Victoria's Secret Sexier Than Skin QR Code

You may not be exactly undressing a women but the QR Code is placed in the right position covering up parts the models body that you can only see after you scan the QR Code. It’s cleaver in terms of finding a way to use QR Codes / sex sells QR Code marketing campaign by Victoria’s Secret. Outside of that, I’m not sure how many people would actually want to be seen stopping and scanning the QR Codes in public unless they just didn’t care. I could see this used in print ads with a higher QR Code scan rate.

Victoria's Secret Sexier Than Skin QR Code

I bet Calvin Klein is somewhere thinking why didn’t they think of this earlier this year when they replace an sexy ad billboard with just a QR Code.

calvein klein qr code sexy

Would you scan the QR Code from Victoria’s Secret “Sexier Than Skin” ad campaign if you were walking down the street?

Want more information on QR Codes see:
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H/T: FastCompany: Americans: Y’All Love QR Codes and 708Media

Sometimes I just chuckle and just shake my head when I see tweets or hear complaints and rants about how QR Codes suck, or don’t use QR Codes for this or that and my personal favorite, NFC is better than QR Codes, especially when it comes from “thought leaders” or a super savvy “social media guys/gals”. I chuckle because there’s a huge educational curve for QR Codes to go main stream in the USA but they have taken off and proven valuable as when have seen over the years in Japan/China with all of their smart technology. Personally I think the biggest problem for some marketers is that no one person can claim to “own” the QR Code space and you can’t put QR Codes in a box to say, QR Codes are only good for one thing because QR Codes have various use cases. See 101 Ideas for Using QR Codes.

Also using QR Codes for marketing/promotion in any type of campaign requires more than just thinking of tweets and things to say to make you sound cool. Using QR Codes requires thinking about the time and location of where a QR Code may be seen offline. It requires working with various teams about creating smart, fast, valuable mobile content. It requires thinking about mobile users, social users and offline users along with existing marketing efforts. It requires thinking about in-dept /instant mobile analytics. Thus is one of the reasons I think we have seen a lot of bad QR Code examples so far.

During my recent travels and keeping an eye on QR Code usage in the wile I came across a few smart ways major brands, music artist and publications are using QR Codes. Below are a few photos and examples after I scanned some of the QR Codes with my iPhone app.

1. 2011 Ford Explorer magazine QR Code with Kevin Hart.

Ford Explorer QR code campaign
After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to a mobile content/video page.
Ford Explorer QR code campaign

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport QR Code ad

ATL QR Code campaign

After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to an airport mobile directory page.
ATL QR Code campaign

3. Download load the Delta app QR Code print ad:

Delta QR code print ad

4. American Heart Association QR Code Kroger sign

American Heart Association QR Code kroger ad

After you scan the QR Code you’re sent to the American Heart Association local information mobile site.
American Heart Association QR Code kroger ad

5. deliver magazine QR Code

(note the qr code is on the back but I photoshopped it on the front)
After you scan the deliver QR Code you’re sent to a mobile deliver website
Deliver magazine QR code scan

6. Download the Redbox app using QR Codes


7. Starbucks, Lady Gaga, Srch QR Code Digital scavenger hunt

Starbucks srch qr code
More on this later but check out the Starbucks qr code frappuccino scan video below via QR Codes Anywhere blog.

To sum it up out of the seven QR Code marketing examples we have.
Scan the QR Code to download a mobile app (2x)
Scan the QR Code to see a promotional video and learn more information about a product.
Scan the QR Code for additional magazine or location or venue information
Scan the QR Code to start a digital scavenger hunt

Note if you’re looking for a fast QR Code reader/scanner iPhone app try my app here.

What are some other creative ways you have seen QR Codes being used recently?