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Chris Dixon
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Founder, Hunch, SiteAdvisor

Good ideas that looks like bad ideas
Good ideas
You need to know the secret:
Be one of the people who believes in something than anyone else
Know the tools better than anyone else
Know the problems better than anyone else
Draw from your own experience
Powerful people will dismiss good ideas as toys
Book: The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business: Clayton M. Christensen: 9780062060242: Book
They often seem as hobbies
Learn the secret through direct experience
Did the founder have some sort of domain experience.
Two was the developer startup ideas: 1 via experience or 2 via analyst reports

40% of there startups they have invested in fail
At SV Angel they care about the people first
Social apps are changing the way people think
Mark Zuckerberg had great confidence not arrogance
The founders who keep changing product until it explodes are unsung heroes
A lot of entrepreneurs are type A and aggressive
Founders like Zuck and Ben from Pinterest didn’t care about the outside world they just cared about building a great product. Those founders end up having big users.
A lot of hard problems that Ron Conway has help with have been with funding or M&A
Biggest mistakes founders with fundraising: the founders are not focusing enough on the founders who add the most value.
Keep the process moving quickly and get one term sheet ASAP
Once you get a yes from an investor, get an email that is confirming the investor.
Product focus is a important quality of founders.
In the last five years SV Angel have has more focus on product founders.
Hire fast and fire fast
When Ron talks to entrepreneurs he thinks, can this person manage 1000 people
The climate for starting a company is easier today than years ago
Mobile first
Companies are moving to cities,
The world have shifted from algorithm IP to user interface IP

#startupschool notes: Dan Siroker, Founder, Optimizely

The value of paying customers
Put the name of the company in the product, example google chrome
Learn the value of the feedback loop
As a startup focus on the one or two things that makes you unique
Hiring process: is the person better than “the me”
Focus on ways to always improve
Have customers that give you great feedback and evangelize for the product
The universal startup algorithm
Everything you do get feedback and always work on getting better
Don’t get caught up in the activity track.

Phil Libin
Founder, Evernote, CoreStreet
The most important lesson is to have great co founders and friends.
Why have friends if they can’t be cofounders.
Be innovative at one thing only and that should be your idea
You shouldn’t think about founding a company if you are optimizing your life for easy.
If you are starting a business today, build something you love.

Earlier this year the city of Detroit filed Chapter 9 Municipal Bankruptcy but that hasn’t broken the spirit of Detroit and other Michigan entrepreneurs from staying motivated. For example my friend Hajj Flemings launched +redetroit a site to magnify the ‘Re-building, Reinvention, and Re-branding’ story that is fueling Detroit’s revitalization.

Not only do entrepreneurs like Hajj have high hopes for the future of Detroit and Michigan as a whole but according to Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, Michigan is a is a growing hotbed for venture capital investment. Take a look at the report below.

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A recently published report from the reveals which universities graduate the most entrepreneurs and how much funding these alumni get from investors and venture capitalists.

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If you look at investment trends we have moved away from the social to more enterprise, hardware, health and fitness. Another vertical on the rise is food. The food vertical is an exciting still unproved IPO market but that hasn’t stop investors. Food and tech companies have seen a 37% increase in investments from 2012 as almost $350 million was raised according to CBInsights.

One venture capitalist who is looking to continue the investment growth in Food and Tech Companies Cynthia Maxey ( is hosting the 4th Annual Bay Area Food & Beverage Investor Fair to do just that. The Bay Area Food & Beverage Investor Fair is an opportunity for investors to meet and evaluate 46 outstanding food and beverage companies seeking investment capital.

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