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Jack Dorsey, Founder, Square, Twitter

Book: The art spirit, Robert Henri
Quote about art.
Lesson: how important the work is.
If you succeed you have to pay for it
We are not here to do what everyone else has done
Don’t fall into the footstep of others
You have to be a master of your own tools
We have so many ideas but it’s about the work
Learn to deal with rejection
There is a time and place for everything but use it at the right time
You can not do anything without a shared and common purpose
Essays will be shorter in words but more in meaning
Built what other people want to see in the world

Book: The score takes care of itself, bill Walsh
Start first first with a purpose and a mission, then find people to implement it
Create a series of list of what to do and what not to do
Tech people your beliefs and purpose and attitudes
Set expectations of how people perform and react
Be yourself, be positive
Be organized and accountable
Be a leader, by showing and not telling

Remember that praise is more valuable than blame

Don’t fall for the Success disease.
Be demanding and don’t relax
During success make the hard the decisions
When getting to the top it makes it harder

Tool: note
Daily bases

Stay present
Be vulnerable
Drink only lemon water and red wine
Run for 3 miles
Mediate on list
10 min with heave bag
7 hours of sleep

Don’t drink hard lap
Don’t be late
Don’t avoid eye contact
Don’t eat sugar

Have company do and don’t list

Song: Angoisse
Reminds Jack how simple creation can be
We want to build something that resonate with everyone on the planet.

You are the future, who have the ideas and can build the future.

Chase Adam, Founder, Watsi
Informational vs. Motivational
With non profits it’s hard to know if you succeeding or failing
This is one advantage of being small nonprofit, take risk, do what you want
Decided to be transparent
100% donation
Minima fundraising
No founders or cofounders titles
Hackernews post starts media wave
What they got out of YC: focus, focus on one metric, a network, stamp of approval
Fund raise for three months
Watsi is selling a vision
Find something you work on that you care about more than yourself.

Balaji Srinivasan, Founder, Counsyl; Lecturer, Stanford

Silicon Valley Ultimate exits
Is USA the Microsoft of nations
Voice vs Exit
Voice change within
exit create a new system
Exit is a voice
Exit amplifies voice, example when people leave in drones
Silicon Valley vs the paper belt
Silicon Valley is becoming more powerful than the rest of the other four key cities combined(DC, LA, Boston & NY)
Technology is about reducing prices the paper belt is about raising prices
Built opt-in society, outside US, run by technology
The paper belt may stop us from leaving
Build technology’s for societies that you like

Diane Greene, Founder, VMWare
Have a big vision
Don’t spend to much on office space
When you have a big vision find one small value you can provide for your customers
File your patents
Startups are one lucky game after another
It’s about bring something to market that people love and making people lives easier

Chris Dixon
Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Founder, Hunch, SiteAdvisor

Good ideas that looks like bad ideas
Good ideas
You need to know the secret:
Be one of the people who believes in something than anyone else
Know the tools better than anyone else
Know the problems better than anyone else
Draw from your own experience
Powerful people will dismiss good ideas as toys
Book: The Innovator’s Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business: Clayton M. Christensen: 9780062060242: Book
They often seem as hobbies
Learn the secret through direct experience
Did the founder have some sort of domain experience.
Two was the developer startup ideas: 1 via experience or 2 via analyst reports

40% of there startups they have invested in fail
At SV Angel they care about the people first
Social apps are changing the way people think
Mark Zuckerberg had great confidence not arrogance
The founders who keep changing product until it explodes are unsung heroes
A lot of entrepreneurs are type A and aggressive
Founders like Zuck and Ben from Pinterest didn’t care about the outside world they just cared about building a great product. Those founders end up having big users.
A lot of hard problems that Ron Conway has help with have been with funding or M&A
Biggest mistakes founders with fundraising: the founders are not focusing enough on the founders who add the most value.
Keep the process moving quickly and get one term sheet ASAP
Once you get a yes from an investor, get an email that is confirming the investor.
Product focus is a important quality of founders.
In the last five years SV Angel have has more focus on product founders.
Hire fast and fire fast
When Ron talks to entrepreneurs he thinks, can this person manage 1000 people
The climate for starting a company is easier today than years ago
Mobile first
Companies are moving to cities,
The world have shifted from algorithm IP to user interface IP

#startupschool notes: Dan Siroker, Founder, Optimizely

The value of paying customers
Put the name of the company in the product, example google chrome
Learn the value of the feedback loop
As a startup focus on the one or two things that makes you unique
Hiring process: is the person better than “the me”
Focus on ways to always improve
Have customers that give you great feedback and evangelize for the product
The universal startup algorithm
Everything you do get feedback and always work on getting better
Don’t get caught up in the activity track.