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Weekly pitch and review: Zingr – Posting social “zings” with a little miracle whip

Mozilla Firefox

Company: Miracle Whip
Product: Zingr Firefox plugin
Pitch: Zingr is the newest way to add your own flavor to the web. Zing! anything you deem worthy of your wit. Zingr works through Facebook Connect so when you leave Zings on the web, they get shared with your friends.
How it to works:
You install the Firefox plugin from the Miracle Whip Facebook page. After you restart Firefox you’ll see an icon beside the address bar and the bottom right where you click on the active the Zing posting window.

If you click on the bottom right Zingr icon in Firefox you’ll see the settings to have your “Zings” published to Facebook and Twitter. There’s also an option to post “Zings” via the Zingr Firefox sidebar. Zings are limited 160 characters.


zingr setup

The Zingr glossary:
Facebook | Miracle Whip

My first impression:
Miracle Whip does social media?” After that I think the idea is creative but limited being that it only works with Firefox via a plugin at the moment. Also that Zingr reminds me of Clipmarks .
My first zing was:
Testing Zingr. Have you heard of it? If so what are your thoughts? It post to Facebook & twitter. This is a Zing!
Will I use it?
Maybe but doubtful unless Zingr creates a reverse engine where if I would post certain messages on Twitter or Facebook and use a keyword (zing) that could auto post to the Zingr community.
What features I like?
The ability to leave comments on page any page.
What features would I like to see or improved.
Although I haven’t spent to much time with Zingr, I would like to see an existing users list or a aggregation page that list current Zings posted on online. Kind of a like a tag cloud of Zings. I also would like to see miracle whip’s employees and/or marketing team use Zingr with their existing marketing. My thoughts is that if you create an app I expect you to use it also.
Final thoughts
It will be interested to see if Zingr grows and how it plans to work outside of Firefox and the Facebook community. I think it’s a good start for miracle whip but I would measure the growth of user participation after three to six months and either “think different” or continue with the platform.

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