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War has been declared on Twitter Auto DM and DM spam. SocialToo vs Don’t let it be you!

Ok, if you don’t know my by now there’s two things we hate about Twitter and/or the way people use Twitter. One is just Twitter spam bots in general and the other is auto direct messages. That’s right folks Auto DMs are bad no matter if it’s a simple “hello thanks for following me” or a “please verify your account”. Most people don’t like auto dms and as of recently two initiatives have launched to help rid the Twitter world of Auto DMs.

The first I found via TechCrunch blog post called StopAutoDM: A Movement to Stop Auto DM’s - Please stop your auto direct messaging

SocialToo Twitter Preferences
The second is a new feature launched yesterday from SocialToo. SocialToo now offers a direct message spam filtering service and has officially declared war on Twitter spam. For more on SocialToo’s features you can read the initial blog post release here: SocialToo Extends War on Twitter Spam With One-Click DM Management or Louis Gray’s blog post recap here: SocialToo Extends Battle Against Twitter DM Spam With New Feature You can follow SocialToo on twitter as @Socialtoo

I think the score is now Spam 1, SocialToo 1. Do you use a service to block auto dms and Twitter spam?

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