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How to unfollow EVERYONE you’re currently following on Twitter for only $25

SocialToo - Your Companion to the Social Web!

That’s right folks for only $25.00 you can unfollow everyone on your Twitter account. You can do this with a tool called SocialToo . Unfollowing everyone on or deleting almost everyone on yourTwitter account seems like the new trend for certain colleges in the social web space. @Loic has done it, and it looks like @Scobleizer has cleared out his Twitter followers too.
Twitter / Robert Scoble: @emonome I used @jesse's S ...

But why? I can’t answer for anyone who have chosen to unfollow everyone or cleanup their following list but I have a few ideas such as:
1. With the recent growth of Twitter, it has become to noisy
2. You just want to start fresh with new and some old twitter friends so you can track the conversion better.
3. You want to join the cool unfollow crowd 🙂

No matter what the reason is, it’s neither a good or bad thing to do because it’s up to the individual to decide how he or she choses to use their own Twitter account. Also SocialToo seems like the tool to use to make it happen. I use SocialToo for some of the other features it has to offer such as turn off automatic direct message from other services and the catch up on all of my previous Twitter followers.

Personally I doubt if I will ever unfollow everyone on my @WayneSutton twitter account, instead I have created mulitpile Twitter accounts to manage the noise and follow certian groups of individuals on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I have no investment with the creators of SocialToo.

Do you think you will unfollow everyone on your Twitter account or are you thinking about just deleting your Twitter account all together?

If not SocialToo what tool have you used to unfollow everyone on Twitter?