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4 simple suggestions to gain more twitter followers #followfriday

It’s Friday and you know what that means, it’s #followFriday on twitter.  I know some of you are twitter-ed out, but twitter continues to be the buzz or noise of not only social media but now celebrity gossip, sports and mainstream media.  With that being said everyone is still trying to gain more followers to increase their twitter following. I’ll go on record saying it’s not about the followers but the relationships. But, if you want to gain more followers, here are 4 simple suggestions.

  1. Share information that people want: Example: how to information, social media topics, free items, etc.
  2. Build valuable relationships with popular twitter users. A few tweets with some twitter A-listers can have you from 200 to 2,000 followers in no time.
  3. Ask smart questions. If you’re new to twitter please don’t ask what is a hashtag without doing a Google search first. Ask questions that can create an engaging dialog that others may want to participate in.
  4. Talk about twitter. Start a conversation about twitter, talk about how they plan to make money, your favorite twitter apps or even how you don’t like twitter while you’re on twitter.  A conversation will start, followers will come and you’ll be happy.
Bonus: Have a nice friendly profile picture.

A few example tweets:

jakroseIf Twitter bought 5 apps that use their API who should it be?

waynesutton: Sharing: 100 Superb WordPress Themes For Free!

about an hour ago

UTKevDawg: Thanks a lot! I think I will be using one of these themes. I have been looking for a while and have seen at least 3-4 I can use

about an hour ago

Ms_Krista: you read my mind on that tweet, Wayne. Good one, thanks!

about an hour ago

mmoss7: great post on the wordpress themes

about an hour ago

Please note: I’m not saying this works all the time,  just a few observations and don’t forget to keep blogging!

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