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The ultimate guide to enhance your twitter background and how it became a trend

I’m sure by now you know about twitter extended backgrounds, as some call it but do you know how they became a trend and a business model to some? Well here’s a brief history lesson and a list of sites if you want to “pimp” out or band your twitter background.

Early June 2008, I saw @rickmahn ‘s twitter background and created one similar to his matching my current site.

Next @Problogger had his twitter background created and I sent a tweet to @Mashable & @TechCrunch saying who was going to blog about this new trend first Mashable or TechCrunch? Mashable beat TechCrunch to the post and the post was published on June 30th, 2008 by @AdamOstrow. The post was called “Make Twitter Your Social Aggregator: Create An Extended Profile

In the comments of the post I left the url of the photoshop document for tweeple to create their own custom twitter background. Since then it has been downloaded over 1,160 times. You can download it here too. twitterbackground

It was noted in the comments that @Philcampbell had create his twitter background before @rickmahn’s either way one of the two were one of the first.

Custom Twitter Backgrounds at Twitter Image - Free Twitter backgrounds, skins, themes.
From there was launched by @hughbriss who created backgrounds for social media rock stars @chrisbrogan @kbodnar32 @chrispirillo and the rest is almost history, twitter extended backgrounds was here to stay.

If you’re looking to customize your twitter background or event make some money off your twitter profile take a look at the list below.

Free backgrounds
Free Twitter Backgrounds - Custom Twitter Backgrounds

Paid Background:

Make Money from your twitter background:
Twittad Let Your Ad Meet Tweets

Twitter background galleries
twitter backgrounds gallery

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What twitter user do think has the best twitter extended background?
Do you know other twitter background sites?

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