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TweetHook: Real Time Twitter Search results Delivered to you (PR) by @jazzychad

TweetHook launches, provides Twitter Search push service
tweethookLogotype2.png 600×104 pixels, a new service from JazzyChad Network, eliminates the need to poll Twitter for data by pushing results to them automatically.

Press Release
The new service delivers fresh Twitter Search results to
customers using web callback URLs, also known as a “ping” service. The
site went live today after several months of testing and development.
Users can sign up for a free 30 day trial on the site. TweetHook is
the second major Twitter service from JazzyChad Network. The first is, a popular online real-time Twitter Search dashboard.

“Many people have asked if Twitter has a way to send data to a
callback URL. Currently they do not, and after gaining experience
writing TweetGrid, this was something I thought I could provide as a
service using Twitter’s API,” said Chad Etzel, creator of TweetGrid
and now TweetHook. “There seems to be a demand for this type of
delivery mechanism. I have designed TweetHook to be as robust and
scalable as possible. There are plans that are affordable for
consumers, researchers, startups, and enterprise level customers.”

When a user creates an account, they can register different queries
using the advanced Twitter Search syntax and assign them to separate
callback URLs. When new results are available for the user’s queries,
TweetHook’s servers will automatically push the data to the specified
URLs and the user can write a script to further process the data. The
key here is that the user does not need to contantly poll Twitter for
new search results. Instead, TweetHook delivers it to them as the new
results are available. The user does not need to worry about the
Twitter Search API rate-limit as this is handled by TweetHook itself.
TweetHook can save customers time, money, and resources by eliminating
the need to create their own Twitter Search polling infrastructure
which can become a complicated task. As Twitter is still growing in
popularity, there is real value in being able to continuously search
for tweets with keywords, phrases, or hashtags. TweetHook makes this
process simple and automatic.

About JazzyChad Network:
Currently, Chad Etzel is the sole founder and employee of JazzyChad
Network. Chad is addicted to programming and can’t kick the habit. He
has been developing with the Twitter API for over 2 years, especially
in the search space. Previous to starting his own company in mid 2009,
Chad worked in the computer networking industry building the next
generation of internet routers. Chad graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in
Computer Science from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. The official website
for JazzyChad Network can be found at


I have no investment with the creators of this site. @JazzyChad is fellow NC resident and friend. I wish him much success on his new product.

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