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29 of your top social media questions answered on Quora

Quora, the question and answers social network that keeps on buzzing remains a mystery to some and a great resource to others. You can blame some of Quora success on all of the social media practitioners who are asking tons of social media questions to either be looked at as a thought leader or they’re just tired of searching google.

Using the PostRank extension for Google Reader to filter the social media rss Quora topic feed, here are the top 29 social media questions answered on Quora in the last seven days.

1. Why does Google fail at social media?

2. For my website, should I chose AddThis, ShareThis or Twitter’s and Facebook’s specific sharing tools?

3. What is a community manager?

4. What are examples of successful “green” social media campaigns?

5. On Quora, why has the quality of the Social Media Marketing topic declined so extraordinarily, so quickly?

6. How do I export the ‘like’ list of a Facebook company/brand/fanpage?

7. What are the biggest mistakes one can make in managing a social media account?

8. What are the issues of scaling Twitter for customer service?

9. What are some ways schools are using social media tools to make the classroom more effective?

10. How relevant is the Klout score?

11. What are the best PR and social media blogs to follow?

12. What is social targeting?

13. What are the biggest legal concerns with using social media?

14. How different is Social Media Strategist from a Digital PR Consultant?

15. Is keeping a locked account in Twitter a good practice?

16. Is it a good practice to duplicate content in Twitter and LinkedIn?

17. What are some recommendations for good social media and/or digital marketing conferences to attend in 2011?

18. What are good ways to become more influential on Twitter using Quora?

19. How can one prove to a more traditional marketer that social media is essential for a food truck’s success?

20. Which universities are effectively using social media?

21. How could the functionality of Facebook Groups be improved ?

22. What if in the future a “Social Scoring” system like Klout or PeerIndex, would determine, just like credit reports do, your job hiring, promotions, life, etc?

23. Is there a social media website to complain about a customer service from an online company?

24. What is a “social object” in social media context?

25. Why might someone want to follow 1,000+ people on Twitter?

26. What are the best practices or interesting case studies about social media for non profit organizations?

27. Why should an established private community switch from a mailing list like Yahoo groups to a microblogging tool such as Socialcast or Yammer?

28. What should Google do to completely overhaul its social strategy?

29. Do I really need Quora in addition to Facebook and Twitter?

What is a Social Media Guru ?
How many Social Media Gurus does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

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