Is Osfoora HD the best Twitter iPad App? Screenshots

There are over 15 Twitter iPad apps in Apple's iTunes app store and the list is growing weekly. Recently at a conference, I was sitting at a table with four of my friends who all had iPads and the "what Twitter iPad app do you use" question was asked and all four said Osfoora HD ( I have tried Osfoora HD Twitter iPad app before but was still using Twitterrific for the iPad at time. So I launched Osfoora HD, moved it to my dock, added a few accounts and now it's my primary Twitter iPad app. Not because all my iPad friends were using it but after listening to the reasons why [...]

Live social media, PR, blogging, journalism & online community building panel with Charlotte’s community leaders on WayneSutton.TV tomorrow

I'm excited to announce tomorrow's live show on WayneSutton.TV I'll be facilitating a conversation on Social Media, PR 2.0, blogging for community building, online journalism and social networks with some of the leaders of Charlotte’s social media community.

The panel includes:

Justin Ruckman, Designer & cofounder CLT Blog (Charlotte Blog), co-applicant of Massively Multicontributer Online Reporting Platform, (MMORP), you can find Justin at and on twitter as @jruckman

Lisa Hoffmann, Chief Copywriter, PRstore DesignCentral, you can find her [...]