20 UX Design and Wireframing Tools #teckticker

One question I often get asked about is what are some tools to create mockups, wireframes. Luckily smashinghub has currated a list of 20 Best UX Design and Wireframing Tools for Mobile . Out of the 20, my favorites are:

Another wireframing tool I like that's not listed is LucidChart

You can see the full list of 20 Best UX Design and Wireframing Tools for Mobile here.

What is your favorite Design and Wireframing Tool?

8 Insights About The Coming Era Of Interactive Design – #techticker

As you watch, you’ll see a general consensus on a few really important points. They’d make a decent poster:

  1. Our phones demand too much attention, detracting from our real experiences.
  2. Analog metaphors are making less sense on digital devices.
  3. We’re waiting for new paradigms in experiencing media like text on screens.
  4. UX is a living, somewhat unpredictable thing. All experiences need to be fluid and flexible now.
  5. You shouldn’t just try to understand a product. You should try to understand its connected network.
  6. An “Internet of things”--countless connected sensors--is coming [...]

How Startups Can Gain Traction In Two Sided Markets #techticker

Go super niche

The first thing I would advise is to think about just how narrow you could go with the first iteration of your product. The more niche you go, the smaller the market becomes. The smaller the market, the easier it is to gain a critical mass within that market and become the defacto product for the audience.

via How to gain traction in two sided markets by Joel Gascoigne.

If you see a UI walkthrough, they blew it #techticker


If you see a UI walkthrough, they blew it

Clear, Rise and Solar are three examples of a trend of “gesture driven” apps with a flat UI. These are novelty apps for people lusting for the very latest in app design. Besides using a more flat UI style, which is a topic for a different discussion, all apps contain non-standard interactions. This means users don’t know how to use them beforehand, and all start with a multi-step UI walkthrough before you get to use the app.

These apps have chosen [...]

How To Learn To Code In 2013 #techticker

Where to start?

Once you’ve decided you want to learn to code web-applications, where is the best place to start? There’s an endless variety of programming languages and web frameworks to choose from, but all roads lead to HTML and CSS. They’re also quite easy to learn. To get started, you can pick up a book or just play around with scratchpad.io. Once you understand that, then you can move on to Javascript, Ruby, Python, or whatever else you want.

Shameless plug! I’m working on a step-by-step tutorial that teaches beginners how to code their first web-application. Had to at least [...]

Platforms and Networks: Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2012 #techticker

Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2012

Here's my compilation of 2012's best posts about managing startups. I assembled similar lists at the end of 2011, 2010 and 2009. Many thanks to all of the authors. The generosity of the startup community is amazing, and these insights are invaluable to those of us who teach and coach aspiring entrepreneurs.

Apologies to authors whose work I've omitted. Please use comments below to suggest additional posts. Happy New Year!

via Platforms and Networks: Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2012.